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Your Business, In One Brand

A brand is not just a logo. A brand is the experience of your customer with your company. Hite Creative designs what it takes to make you stand out in the marketplace. We use design to help businesses not just create a cohesive image to present to customers, but get more customers.

From Start To Finish

Our process takes you from just a concept to a full set of design assets. We start by defining your business visually with a unique logo, define your branding, and finally, create a website that fits your brand and captures leads.

Why Us?

We do things differently at Hite Creative. We go beyond design to create a visual identity that works for your business.


Every design, logo, and page is tailored to your vision. We hand make our logos from start to finish.

Data Driven

We study your competitors and the industry, as well as your audience and how to attract them to you.

Design Principles

Every design and decision considers design theory, including typography, color psychology, and best practices.


The Steps To An Amazing Brand

01.   Logo

We’ll give your business a distinct personality and identity in the market with our custom logo design. First, we learn about your business through a brief questionnaire, what makes it unique, and how audiences should perceive it. Then, we work with your vision and our knowledge of design to create the perfect logo.


Next, we use the work we did on your logo to define an entire brand identity: colors, fonts, collaterals, and more. You’ll use this branding for your marketing, whether digital or traditional. We deliver a brand manual that will guide you through your marketing efforts for years to come.


Finally, we take your business’ visual identity and apply to your new website. But our websites don’t just look good: we turn an online business card into a potential lead generation machine by optimizing your design and content for SEO and paid advertising.

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