Why Your Logo Matters

Your logo is the first thing a client associates with your business. Like Superman’s iconic S emblem or the stars and stripes of the American flag, a logo is an unspoken message of who you are, a symbol of what your business is and stands for. It tells a story, evokes a feeling, and attracts a certain kind of customer. For these reasons, you deserve a logo made with thought and care. Hite Creative’s blend of strategy and creativity ensures a creative solution to your vision.

So, How Does It Work?

Our process is collaborative, creative, and thorough. We start with the seed of an idea and take it all the way to its final form, with your input.

Intro Call & Development

We get to know you, your business, your industry, and your competitors; armed with all this information, we create several options.

Step 1

First Proposal

We present you with 6 logo options, with different creative directions/solutions, to define your vision.

Step 2

Incorporating Color

We consider your competitors and industry when selecting color while incorporating our knowledge of color psychology in this next draft.

Step 3

Final Approval

Once you’ve settled on the logo you want, we make final changes based on your feedback and send the finished files in PNG, JPG, Eps, and Ai formats.

Step 4

What Makes Our Logos Different?

Our approach ensures that your logo is exactly what you need, while also being everything you love.

Function + Design

Who said design and functionality can’t co-exist? We make sure it does. Our designers consider your audience, your industry, your colors, as well as best practices to create a beautiful and functional logo.

Made For You

We take your feedback and your vision into account, down to the very smallest detail, to get to the version of the logo you are looking for.

The Beauty of A Process

We present design options with each draft, so you can visualize and choose from different iterations of your logo as the process evolves.

Logo Includes:

  • Logo Design
  • Vertical Version
  • Horizontal Version
  • Black & White version
  • Logo Colors
  • Logo in PNG, JPG, Ai, Eps, SVG.
  • Favicon

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What Our Client Say

"The Hite Creative Team were amazing to work with and made the website design process so smooth. We knew we needed a great team behind us to bring our vision to life and that’s exactly what they did. Now, we have a one of a kind boutique website that we are absolutely in love with."

McBee sisters


“When we had to pivot and add additional features, Hite was always happy to assist with no additional cost! They’re like family, always by your side. Exceptional talent and service!”

Ethan Kohan

CEO, Pod Plug

"My experience with Hite Digital’s customer service is beyond compare. When I started my project with Tatiana and her team, I had very high expectations – all of which have been met."

Sherri Fossati

We're Boss, Founder

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